Sleep Hollow Anonymous

31 October
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1. This is not a democracy; this is a benevolent dictatorship. I delete, screen and ban at my discretion. That said, I'll mostly stay out of the way because these things are more fun when there's a little chaos.
2. No posting of real names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures of fans, etc. Talk about whoever you want using LJ handles/fandom aliases but keep the personal stuff out of here.
3. No posting of flocked material, unless it was unlocked at one point.
4. This isn't a fandom safe space. Mice can be as mean as they want. But if shit gets racist, homophobic, etc. I will delete it because that's no fun.
5. Trolling is encouraged. If you can't deal with trolls, this maybe isn't the place for you. But if you're going to troll you gotta be clever about it.