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And thank you for proving my point. "You in danger"? LOL, from what? From who? Are you one of the terrifying/hypocritical Abbie stans?

Because I fail to see how it's not racist. Abbie would be better for Ichabod because she's played a black actress? Yes I've seen that sentiment written. Sorry. That's racist. It's saying "we'd rather he be with the lead black character BECAUSE she's black than the boring unimportant white girl who plays the part of his wife."

lol "you in danger" is a meme. do you realize you're on the internet? i'm not touching the racist stuff with a ten foot pole, tho.

are you seriously screaming reverse racism? come on, now. white people are doing pretty good. i don't think you need to defend their right to be love interests for hot white dudes. i don't see much danger in that coming to an end.

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